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  • Chesterfiled Sofa Set  3+2
    • New

    Chesterfiled Sofa Set 3+2

    Delivery 16 Days

    Delivery Cost : £50

    Price £1,495.00
  • Elegant sofa Set 2+3
    • New

    Elegant sofa Set 2+3

    We would like to introduce our Elegant sofa design which comes in in efferent colours and sizes of 2 or 3 people sitter. The sets  includes variety of sitting cushions of your choice .   

    Price £1,190.00
  • La Brand Sofa Set of 2+3
    • New

    La Brand Sofa Set of 2+3

    La Brand sofa is designed to suit variate sizes of rooms and it comes with cushions and colour of your choice.  

    Price £1,190.00
  • Italian Design Sofa Set 3+2+1
    • New

    Italian Design Sofa Set 3+2+1

    Assembly on delivery 

    Delivery in 10-16 days

    Delivery Cost : £50

    Easy to clean 

    Custom made sizes

    Available in different colours and firmness (soft, medium or hard)

    Price £1,950.00
  • Napoli Corner Sofa
    • New

    Napoli Corner Sofa

    The Napoli Corner Sofa is a very stylish piece of furniture suitable for all kind of design spaces. 

    Price £1,199.00
  • Kenton 3+2 sofa set
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    Kenton 3+2 sofa set

    Stylish and modern sofa set with classic design is a perfect addition to your living space.  

    Price £1,050.00
  • Windsor Sofa Bed
    • New

    Windsor Sofa Bed

    The Winsor Sofabed is stylish corner sofa with low profile arms, wooden legs and grey fabric.

    Price £1,050.00
  • Azure Sofabed
    • New

    Azure Sofabed

    Azure Sofabed Grey Universal Corner

    Price £1,100.00
  • Oakland 3+2 Sofa Set
    • New

    Oakland 3+2 Sofa Set

    Oakland Sofa Tan 3+2 Sofa Set

    Price £1,249.00
  • Tuscany Electric Recliner...
    • New

    Tuscany Electric Recliner...

    Tuscany Electric Recliner Sofa set 3+2 

    Price £1,224.00
  • Florence Sofa Set 3+2
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    Florence Sofa Set 3+2

    Florence set 3+2 set 

    Beige 3+2

    Ideal for family or those who love to entertain, this set comprises of a specious 3-seater sofa paired with a 2-seater, offering ample seating for movie nights, game days, or simply relaxing with love ones. 

    Price £1,100.00
  • Nebraska Sofa Set 3+2
    • New

    Nebraska Sofa Set 3+2

    Nebraska sofa set is designed for best relaxation and comfort with lavish look for any living space. With soft upholstery fabric available in cream colour also. 

    Price £1,249.00
  • Astrid Sofa Set 3+2
    • New

    Astrid Sofa Set 3+2

    Astrid Sofa, Gray, 3+2 

    The Astrid selection is an elegant master piece  which includes a 3-seater and a 2-seater sofa, will transform your living room. The Astrid sofas have a plush and low-armed design that will provide you and your guests with maximum comfort.

    Price £1,850.00
  • Kingston Sofa Set 3+2
    • New

    Kingston Sofa Set 3+2

    Kingston is a striking contemporary unification of lavish luxury and composition. Chenille dresses this stylish contemporary sofa, covering the luxuriously deep seats with soft, durable upholstery.

    Price £1,545.00
  • Verona Scatterback Sofa Set...
    • New

    Verona Scatterback Sofa Set...

    Verona is one of the most selling sofa.  With foam-filled cushions and soft polyester fabric, this grey corner sofa is a popular choice amongst our customers and is also available as both full back and scatter back!

    Price £1,100.00
  • Kris Universal Sofa Bed
    • New

    Kris Universal Sofa Bed

    Grey Universal Corner Sofa Bed is one of our most popular corner sofa beds! Featuring soft polyester, this classic grey corner sofa bed has a cozy and modern design. Containing two under-seat storage spaces, The Kris is great for storing bedding, pillows, cushions and for keeping your living space free of clutter.

    Price £900.00
  • Sable Electric Recliner 2...
    • New

    Sable Electric Recliner 2...

    • Boasting a sturdy wood construction layered with a plump fibre and foam filling, the electric 2 Seater Sofa is a sumptuous and stylish seating solution for your living space. Presented in a modern and sophisticated grey, this fabric sofa is part of a matching suite for your living room with a coordinating three-seater sofa and armchair available. 
    • 1 - Length: 150 cm
    • 2 - Depth: 95 cm
    • 3 - Height: 100 cm
    • 4 - Floor to Seat Height: 48 cm
    • 5 - Back Rest Height: 62 cm
    Price £640.00
  • Viva Sofabed Arm Chair
    • New

    Viva Sofabed Arm Chair

    Viva Sofabed Grey Armchair is one of our best sellers! The Viva 1 seater sofa bed is versatile, offering storage, comfort and dual functionality.

    Price £399.00
  • Calina Universal Gray Sofabed
    • New

    Calina Universal Gray Sofabed

    Calina Sofabed, Dark Grey Universal Corner Sofa.

    The Calina Universal Corner is the only sofa your home needs! This stylish and versatile sofa can be easily converted into a comfortable bed, making it the ideal solution for overnight guests or simply relaxing and watching  movie.

    Price £649.00
  • Kiana Modular Sofa
    • New

    Kiana Modular Sofa

    Kiana Modular Sofa Ivory Large Corner Sofa: cosy, comfy and crafted to last. The Kiana’s modular sofa structure offers absolute design freedom. Fancy changing things up a bit? Maneuver the layout of the modules to craft the perfect sofa for your lifestyle, allowing you to recreate your space at a whim and without hassle. 

    Price £2,499.00